Today, due to the global pandemic situation, we are all forced to be on our phones and laptops all the time. Our school, college, or office is all inside our gadget and we don’t have an option but to stay glued to our phone and other gadgets. But, as we know, too much of anything is good for nothing. Same rule applies with too much time on our gadgets. So, then what is the solution to this? The solution is to do a Digital Detox.
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“Census at Bethlehem” (also known as the Numbering at Bethlehem) one of the most famous works of Bruegel.

It was winter and the entire place was covered with snow. Everyone on the scene is shown doing some work or other; not a single figure is still. Did any of them realize that the future ‘Holy Family’ was among them or that their “Saviour” was going to be born just a few hours later? The scene is a prologue to the nativity of Christ. People, of course, were unaware that the following day henceforth would be Christmas.
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Lord Ganesha is venerated in myriad forms not only in India but in most of the East Asian countries. He is propitiated before starting any new venture be it a simple Pooja at home or a big business as He is believed to remove all hindrances. Read More

“Some time ten years ago during my frequent visits to the Ramana Ashram I came across English translations of some of the Tamil saint poets like Manikkavachakar, Sundaramoorthy Nayanar and others and what moved me was the passionate outpourings of devotion. It rang a bell somewhere when I came across…

We record with a sense of loss the passing away of Vidwan B. Krishnamoorthy recently. He was not only a scholar in music but also Sanskrit, philosophy, Vedantha, etc. Born in a musically oriented family in Padarakudi near Karaikudi, when he moved to Chennai, he joined the Central College of Music in 1950 and had the opportunity to learn under some of the veterans like Musiri Subramanya Iyer, T. Brinda, Thiruppampuram Swaminatha Pillai, etc. Later as a teacher in the college he was very popular among the students; he retired as the principal of the Music College at Madurai. He was a font of knowledge on music, a specialist in Tala and Tillanas. He was one of those unsung greats. His demise is a great loss to the Carnatic music world.

A documentary in Memorium:

Consumption of art has undergone a metamorphosis in recent times, especially after COVID-19 pandemic led to the new normal.

Classical dancers across the world saw this as an opportunity to explore the digital medium. Compositions and choreographies were created or modified to suit viewership through mobile and TV screens. Artists began to get used to performing in the absence of audience response and feedback, the fuel that an artist thrives on.

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